Interceptor Gun Locker System

Interceptor Gun Locker System

Lift Up Utility Cabinet

Lift Up Utility Cabinet

Weapons Storage with and without spare tire access

Gun Lockers for the Ford Interceptor. Several years ago Ford Motor Company came out with a Police Interceptor when they saw the demand for a more specific vehicle for Law Enforcement. The reason was the many Law Enforcement agencies were buying the For Explore and having them upfitted and converted to Law Enforcement Vehicles. This was a major undertaking to Law Enforcement and Security agencies because it added a huge cost on top of the initial purchase of the vehicle.

75 Mile Per Hour Crash tested

The vehicle now come standard with many features that in the past had to be upfitted. The new Police Interceptor now comes standard with a 75 MPH crash tested to allow for complete protection against and unfortunate crash incident.

Level 3 Ballistic Door Panels are available

Interceptor Gun Locker System NJ SEO Professional These are not standard but worth mentioning because of the lifesaving aspect of the technology. The panels are available for the front doors of both the Ford Interceptor SUV and Sedan models. These Ballistic Panels are designed to meet the Level 3 specifications of the National Institute of Justice Standard 0108.01. These ceramic panels can protect the Law Enforcement Officer against most ammunition rounds.

Cabinet Systems for the Ford Interceptor

The Police interceptor has many options for storage and one is that it is a great system to store away weapons for SWAT and firearm activity. The Vehicle weapons cabinet system can be engineered to store many weapons along with ammunition or just a few weapons along with gear. The option are vast and the only way for you or your department to hear all of them is to call ( Phone: 973-813-9372) and speak with an emergency vehicle cabinet specialist.

Weapons Cabinets for the Ford Interceptor

Interceptor Gun Locker System The weapons locker and weapons cabinet systems that can be constructed for the Ford Interceptor can take on thre main configurations.

    • T-Style Cabinets with the weapons drawer on the top and two or three drawers beneath
    • Cabinets with brackets to hold the system up allowing for the Weapons to be stored on the top with drawers beneath.
    • Weapons storage on top and allowing for access to the spare tire. Although in the past the access to the spare was common request – in recent years departments have moved to run-flat systems making this option not as requested.

Interceptor Gun Locker System

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