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Interceptor Utility Weapons Locker

Utility Interceptor Spare Tire Access Cabinet

Utility Interceptor Spare Tire Access Cabinet

There are a few different systems on the market that allow access to the spare tire in a Ford Explorer Interceptor. After Ford sent a notice out to police departments around the county about keeping the spare tire in the well as it comes from the factory, many weapons storage companies scrambled to come up with a solution that would still store weapons in police Interceptors as well as allow for the spare tire to be accessed when needed. One of these storage systems is an elevated full depth, full width weapons locker that sits on 4 brackets that are about 13″ high leaving enough space underneath the weapons locker to get the spare tire out of the wheel well. Additional equipment and gear can be stored under the cabinet when access to the spare tire is not needed. If vision out of the rear view mirror is not an issue, small bags and items can stored on top of the cabinet. There is a 1″-2″ lip running around the two sides and back of the cabinet to help prevent these items from falling off the cabinet.

Some options on the exterior of the cabinet that come with the Interceptor weapons storage system are a push button combo lock, locking compression key latches and spring handles. Some options that are available on the interior of the cabinet are gun foam with the ability to cut exact dimensions of your weapon and a divider system to separate weapons and ammunition.

If extra storage space is an issue,  a small drawer can be built on top of the weapons locker for incidental items such as maps, pencils, extra ammo etc. This option would impede the driver’s vision to a degree, so make sure that vision out the back windshield is not a paramount.