Vehicle Transport for tactical teams

Vehicle Transport for tactical teams

Transporting tactical teams into and out of dangerous situations is obviously risky but up-fitting these vehicle to handle anything that comes its way is also a challenge. The manufactures need to equip these vehicles with sirens and lights that can operate in adverse conditions and well as hold all the equipment these tactile teams need.

Transport for tactical teams

Strike force and other tactical teams have many options including Vans, Sprinters, and Chevy Suburbans but one vehicle that is specifically made for this type of mission is the Lenco BearCat.
The Tactical Response Team stands all set to satisfy the difficulties of the future as it is ever-improving as well as ever-changing approaches of reacting to essential occurrences. The Tactical Response Team will certainly sustain its core goal of securing as well as fulfilling the requirements of the neighborhood as well as police. The group is consisted of very educated policemen that are entrusted with reacting to vital cases where their particular training could be used.

Tactical Response Sprinters


  • Insulated and finished interiors
  • Front door and windshield riot screens
  • Front window riot screens install quickly
  • High output rear AC and heat over cab
  • Escape hatches are also an important feature
  • Blackout curtains and tinted windows to obscure the light from inside the vehicle
  • Flip-up seats for fast strike team deployment
  • Full length bench seats with lift up cushions for storage underneath
  • Weapons lockers with simplex dead bolt locks
  • All vehicles should be equip with covert lighting

Tactical Response Vans

High Risk Warrant Vans are built to apprehend high risk suspects and can hold a full SWAT team. Most vans contain ample storage for weapons, tactical gear, and equipment and can also contain cabinet systems which can help with all aspects of command and control. You can call them SWAT, Strike Force or Warrant vans. Whatever you call them – they are built to withstand the tough requirements of the mission.

What is The Lenco BearCat?

The Lenco BearCat is a military grade, armored tactical transport vehicle. It was designed with military and law enforcement use in mind. The BearCat can be used for many missions but with its thick armor and 4WD, SWAT or military will use it for rescue missions. It can carry up to 10 people through rough terrain. The BearCat is relatively affordable, easy to use and has low maintenance cost which is making this model rapidly replacing the Humvees. The international recognition of this vehicle is growing and is already used by numerous military forces and law enforcement agencies around the world.