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North Korea fails in new missile test: Seoul

South Korea says a missile test by North Korea off its east coast did not launch as planned. Earlier this month, Pyongyang launched four ballistic missiles, three of which landed in waters off Japan. A new North Korean missile test failed on Wednesday, the South’s defense ministry said. “South Korea and the United States are

Too Busy To Write, Here’s Sumdood’s Video (Ian on Colt)

Here’s Ian of Forgotten Weapons with a capsule history of Colt, currently holding down the title of the Most Mismanaged Company in the Gun Racket. Seemed timely, with Colt having purged the Custom Shop lately, in an overall downturn in the industry that has seen Remington lay off a couple of hundred employees, mostly factory

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When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Skateboards

Jenkins in a family photo — safely not skateboarding. Just about anything can kill you, but if it has wheels and you’re overconfident on it, your odds of starring in a story like this go way up. A well-off kid from Rhode Island, dawdling through Swarthmore while checking all the SWPL boxes, skateboarded himself into eternity

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The Indo-Asia Pacific and the multi-domain battle concept

The United States Armed Forces are at a crossroads, facing both institutional and operational challenges. The character of war continues to change at a quick pace, requiring military leaders to reassess some of their core beliefs. This situation has led to the testing and refinement of concepts, capabilities, and people to ensure U.S. forces are

China aims advanced DF-16 missiles at Taiwan: minister

China is aiming advanced medium-range ballistic missiles at Taiwan as part of a growing military threat towards the island, Taipei’s defence minister said Monday. The announcement came after Taiwan said for the first time last week that it is capable of launching missiles at China as it warned of an increased invasion risk. China still