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The Reliant Magazine Pouch

Product Patrol The Reliant Magazine Pouch Company: DeSantis Gunhide August 29, 2017 DeSantis Gunhide’s new magazine pouch, The Reliant, style A84, is ambidextrous and keeps the magazine both high and tight. It is built from premium black or tan saddle leather. It is immediately available for most common handgun calibers and accommodates up to a

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  StrongArm from Hurst Jaws of Life is a portable hydraulic power tool that cuts, lifts, and spreads, replacing a number of single-purpose hand tools for police and SWAT teams. Compact and lightweight, it is designed to easily breach doors; pry open car doors; and cut 3/8″ rebar, grade 43 chain, and 2″X4″ wood.

Versatile XTP Series

Code 3’s XTP Series is made to package capabilities of a high-performance light into a compact, sleek design at the fraction of the cost. The XTP Series lights can be mounted virtually anywhere on the inside or outside of a vehicle including: grilles, mirrors, push bumpers, fog lights, license plates, trunk lids, and windows.

Seattle Council Candidates Re-Load on City’s Bad Gun Tax Idea

Back to News August 29, 2017 Seattle Council Candidates Re-Load on City’s Bad Gun Tax Idea By Larry Keane Two of Seattle’s city council candidates have a novel idea for the failed gun tax. They want to double it. We’d love to say this is a spoof, but no, they’re serious. City council candidates Jon

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The Rook

Product Patrol The Rook Company: Ring Power August 28, 2017 Unlike traditional armored vehicles, The Rook is capable of being used in constricted areas both inside and outside of buildings to transport personnel or equipment and for surveillance. The Rook’s mission-specific attachments are custom designed to increase job safety. ARMORED DEPLOYMENT PLATFORM HYDRAULIC BREACHING RAM

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