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Mobile Weapons Storage

Storing Police, Law Enforcement, SWAT and Tactical Team weapons and firearms safely and securely is paramount. Responding to high threat situations you need to be prepared for anything.

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Command Cabinets

Police, Law Enforcement, SWAT and Tactical Teams mobile Command Centers are essential in emergency management and your department deserves the best.

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Tactical Gear Storage

Police, Law Enforcement, SWAT and Tactical Teams need to securely store and transport their Tactical Weapons & Gear. Secure storage for tactical weapons in cruisers, trucks and SUVs

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Air Safety, Circa 1955

Here’s a typical jet jock of the mid-1950s, a bit hung over, but nothing a little 100% O2 won’t fix. Today’s Air Force pilots will be amazed at the safety culture of the decade… and the low-hanging fruit, like not flying with a head-splitting hangover, or checking current weather, that the 1950s safety culture was trying to

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Dude, Where’s My Gun?

An Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputy left an AR like this, in its case with three loaded magazines, on the trunk of a patrol car before driving away. It remains missing. (Source: OCSD) In California, where guns are getting closer to being outlawed every time the legislature sits, a police gun that had gone missing turned

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US Navy Approves Triton UAS for Production

The Department of the Navy announced the MQ-4C Triton Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) received milestone C approval, Sept. 22. This decision by Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L) Honorable Frank Kendall, allows the MQ-4C Triton program to enter into Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP), the first part of the production and

Sunday Slump

Hey, we hope the slump is ending and this week will be good for all! If you see a lot of video posts with short notes, we’re still slumping (grin). We’re on the tail end of a head cold. Note that a preliminary Saturday Matinee is up backdated to yesterday, Taking Fire (TV, 2016), and

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MO Woman Charged with Burning Officer with Cigarette at Traffic Stop

A St. Louis County, MO, woman burned an officer with a cigarette during a Wednesday traffic stop, charges say. The woman was charged Thursday with felony counts of assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. As other officers took her into custody, the woman laughed about burning Normandy Officer Charles Messmer, charges say. She

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